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I have 2 cousins who are cops in California, one has over 25 yrs. in a So. Cal city, and the other is in a small town in Northern Cal. I grew up with them, know them as family, and know them as policemen. I have been on ride alongs with them, heard their most "scary life threatening experiences as a cop", and know their political and Constitutional views. I have heard their stories of everything that society throws at them and how they have to deal with it.

So, given that, it is not easy being a cop, let alone being a good cop! In viewing the above video you can take sides if you want, or you can understand the positions taken by both sides. In my view, it is a tough call. The policemen don't know what the 2 open carrying guys are up to, can you blame them? Have you ever been shot at suddenly by someone carrying a gun? My cousin has, it is no fun, and the situation was not expected at all by my cousin. You learn to be careful and cautious of everyone, or risk being killed. I think the cop doing the talking in this video was doing what he had to do, and actually was showing a great deal of respect and understanding to the 2 carrying.

The 2 guys open carrying, well that is their right and I agree with that as well. But, it is not a common sight seeing someone open carrying and what the hell do you expect some "citizen" to think seeing you walking down the street with a rifle.

If I see somebody walking down my neighborhood street carrying a rifle, and it is legal to open carry where I live, you better believe I am going for my rifle and keep an eye on him! I don't know who he is or what he is up to, but I will sure as hell be ready if he is up to something. The problem is, there are too many nut jobs that are up to something, so again, what the hell do you expect walking down the street carrying a rifle?

There is some common sense needed in this whole "debate" to open carry to prove a point.