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I do not disagree in any way.

I do not disagree in any way. The system is rigged by the mechanism that people think will 'help' them.

There is only one true function of the state. To protect capital from the market. Without the government the most brilliant entrepreneur will have his wealth dissipated in a generation or two. Wealth is heritable, but business acumen almost never is. It's an unavoidable consequence of the fact we want to make our childrens' lives better, but giving them things makes it almost impossible to learn to be a good businessman. So to protect your child from the consequences of his own control of the capital, you buy from the government regulations that make it difficult or impossible for new competition.

Maintaining capital accumulations is hard in the free market. You have to provide a better product than everyone else. So the function of the state is to provide laws to protect that capital.

All the regulations and taxes that OWS thinks 'stick it' to the corporations merely act to ensure their perpetual dominance and insulation from market forces. (tangentially this also keeps wages down, as these barriers to market entry mean fewer employers to bid up wages)

OWS is supporting the forces that enslave them.

This is what democracy looks like.

Central banks are the engine of fascism.

Democracy is the fuel that runs it.

Sadly the OWS crowd calls for more of the same.