Comment: Doesn't go far enough.

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Doesn't go far enough.

He doesn't go far enough. First of all he should talk about how the gun is used to keep the poor from working. Then how we now need a gun to support those people because there is a gun keeping them from supporting themselves. Then they need a gun to support all the people holding the guns.

Then how the rich get involved and realize with there money and influence and domination of information they can have guns pointed in the directions that they want the guns pointed.

then bring up how if all these people were doing things that people as a whole were doing before they had all these guns pointed at them, there would be much more to go around.

Then bring up how if all the people who had the guns pointed at them for creating more to go around, didnt have those guns pointed at them, that there would be even more to go around.

Then bring up how wonderful the world would be if there were no guns allowed and that everybody enforced the rule, not just one group of people who pretended to represent the people it was pointing the gun at.

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