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Dude I call myself a

Dude I call myself a teabagger in a post the other day. And I have worked with OWS people. Chill out.

I agree OWS sees part of the problem. I think many of them are well intentioned. But this episode is just an illustration of how misguided they are.

Put simply, until you understand economics, you are in the matrix fighting against those trying to free you from it. Fighting, in fact, to remain a slave.

To mix cinematic references, OWS are all boromirs.

They think two very wrong things.

1) They will ever have the ring of power. They won't.
2) If they did, they would not be just as corrupt. They would.

The ring is democracy. So long as the ring exists, it will enslave. It is not who controls the ring that makes it evil. It is the ring.

There is little more frustrating than slaves fighting to remain slaves. So hopefully you will forgive some of us for expressing it.

EDIT: You got downvoted so I upvoted you. You don't know my context so your ire with me, while perhaps a bit of an overreaction, isn't completely unreasonable.