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I would like to know

what we should not be waivering support for exactly? Iran has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has constantly been inspected, with no empirical evidence they are trying to build a nuke. All our intel agencies have stated over and over again, they are not trying to build a nuke. Iran has 'never' stated they want to attack Israel, as the Zionist controlled MSM, Israel-firsters, AIPAC azz kissers have lied continuously about. Iran hasn't aggressively attacked another country in 200yrs. However, Israel has hundreds of nukes, refused to sign the NPT or allow ispections, has attacked many country aggressively including the US several times. So, what is there to waiver about, even though Rand's trying to kiss their azz? As a Christian who actually has read the Bible, Christ will be the one who will wipe out the false claiming of Abrahams decendents, and nobody else! Take some time and read Revelations, the present is the only historical time where Rev 2:9 and 3:9 could be empirical. If you or Rand want to support this, then you will face the same Judgement! I'm not stating my opinion, this is what the Book of Revalations states.