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Building block to total

Building block to total surveilance, inconspicous at first, to accustom the people and build the foundations, and in a few years, make claims there are to many criminals aware of the "weakness" caused by "pleasing" the privacy advocates, next thing you know, you WILL have night vision, and you WILL not block sensitive areas.......that is the god damn thing about surveilance, it is'nt effective unless they plan to expand and modify it to suit the "need", when "criminals" subvert it using these "weakneses's", these folks will constantly push for more surveilance, just one more time, and thats it pinky swear.......i am starting to wonder whether they know, or are oblivious to the fact that what they are after is TOTAL surveilance, because the result they WANT or SUPPOSEDLY want will not be achieved without it, and when we have a situation where we now have total surveilance we then have to "happily" worry about someone somewhere at some point abusing this god forsaken tool for TOTAL CONTROL.......we dont have to wait for that, we all see glimpsy's of that RIGHT NOW, the "control", but at least, right now, they dont have absolute surveilance, but for government, i dont think that is by choice.........fuck all fucking forms of peeping fucking tom sur-vei-lance.....E-SPECIALLY their fucking audacity to do this WITHOUT FUC-KING CONSENT

Pardon my freaking french, i only use it when i feel strongly towards something, and it kinda snuck up on me in the end there, re thinking the thought i just writ down, i.e. this is not an opinion that is gonna go away any time soon, not by a looooooooooong shot, and i know that is what some people want seing as no one in great numbers has got behind them with their pom poms out spelling "n.s.a your number one", i.e no major support.....if you think about it, you've had one or two here and there......but like the voters who vote for dumb asses they dont know, it seems their caring and ignorance works against their cause too....maybe their worried their most stringest supporters will even think twice about supporting something thats meant to be used against them