Comment: Dig deeper.

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Dig deeper.

This is a non-profit organization with no payroll and all services provided pro bono. They are concentrating on unsecured debt, specifically defaulted medical debt in the secondary market.

I'm sure their donors think they are contributing to the truly needy in our society, but dig a little deeper.

You can't easily get out of student loans since they are guaranteed by the Fed Govt.

A secured loan, such as a car or home is non recourse, so you can walk away and experience only the damage of a default on your credit rating.

If a person is far underwater overall, bankruptcy will discharge all but student loans, IRS liens and criminal judgments.

When I dug deeper, I realized this organization is helping people who have at least a decent net worth and probably some decent equity in their homes. If they had little or no net worth, they would file bankruptcy to discharge unsecured, dischargeable debts.

I get the idea that some of the beneficiaries of this program may have a greater net worth than some of the donors.