Comment: Hold On Naysayers, This Money Pit Has a Duel Purpose

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Hold On Naysayers, This Money Pit Has a Duel Purpose

What the Navy has not divulged to the public (as a matter of national security) is when the USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN 78 is not training for war, it will be on loan to the Flotsam Universal Bilge and Removal project, code name, FUBAR.

FUBAR was created by UNCEOW (United Nations Committee TO Eradicate Ocean Waste) to coordinate with the coalition on Clean Ocean Action to address the gigantic pool of trash that originated from the horrific Japanese tsunami in 2011. The wreckage is currently reported to have accumulated in area equal to the size of the state of Texas and is floating towards the west coast of the U.S. (see: ).

The Ford will use its sophisticated maneuvering capability to sail back and forth around the flotsam and ultimately guide it to the shores of Mexico, similar to what a sheepdog does when herding sheep. The Mexican government does not know of this plan as of yet. However the Obama administration has every intention of informing the Mexican ambassador via U.S. State Department channels when the right time presents itself.

It has been suggested by Pentagon officials this duel role of preventing the invasion of flotsam must be considered equal to the problem of illegal immigration and therefore is requesting from the U.S. Congress additional funding for flotsam control. Several U.S. senators have commented this could be the next "big threat" the military has to deal with in order to assure the defense of the nation.

Some politicians have even suggested a flotsam fee should be assessed to every American very much like the Obamacare penalty currently enforced by the IRS. Next Tuesday the Committee on Removing All Pollution (CRAP) will meet in Washington with the insurance lobby to see if there is a viable way to subsidize the cost of this serious situation.

Stay tuned for further updates as they emerge. :)