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Alex Jones is gay

----This here your response was a very long one

This is my attempt of showing the LaRouche crew's blatant colours:--
it is my 'blog', as you see a collection of 150 year old articles, in response to present-day popular concepts (credit system, competing currencies.....)
I only linked to to the article for more details on the Frankfurt friends

I think you mis-read this--
"This was the Independent Treasury system which segregated the Government from banks and decreed that lawful money alone may be received in payment to and from the Federal Government, bank notes may not….. Lincoln and the LaRouche crew are opposed to this concept."
In 1840 "lawful money" was gold/silver coin, and the act stipulated the coin alone may be received; the 1846 act decreed that coin and Treasury notes may be received

The LaRouche crew IS opposed to this separation of bank and state; in the 30-page essay that is their main point, and that was Lincoln's view, too, in 1839, in 1843 --- so I was not lying

(I think I know more about the 19th century greenbackers than anyone else; this is my website , the e-text there is my handywork; present-day greenbackers are NOT greenbackers, they are just here to discredit the concept of government-issued currency; Gary the Y2K and Tom Wood is happy to play along; in 150 years I was the first one who bothered to read the history of greenbacks, and to compile the legislative history of the United States notes, act of February 25, 1862.)

The 1862 US notes --aka greenbacks-- were given to the people not by greenbackers, but by bankers, bankers who were Frankfurt friends

>>>>>and not the free banking the Greenbackers are talking about
Clarify, because Peter Cooper, Fenton Cary, James Weaver did not advocate free-banking

You must be referring to NOT the free-banking system that started in New York in 1838 and 25 years later became the National banking system, which 50 years later became the Fed.

Hopefully you mean people with actual capital opening up a discount house, but are not allowed to issue notes (we want to trample on their freedom, just as the loco-focos and the agrarians wanted)

19th century greenbackers wanted gold/silver and treasury notes
Please read their party platforms: