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It's a Party

The LP is a political party--for members, by members. The California party has one, count him, one, paid employee. The rest is volunteer. We've been kicked off the ballot by a "top two" law, making competition even more difficult.

In 2008, when I attended the various conventions as a delegate, the parking lot was full of Ron Paul bumper-stickers.

The Revolution logo was created by an LP member (and candidate for party office), and many of us, here, are members. We nominated Ron Paul before anybody else.

If you think the dominant parties were unfair and played dirty with Ron Paul supporters, you can imagine why libertarians might prefer a party that plays fair.

People who get involved in the LP do so because they know that ignoring politics doesn't make it go away.

We members have many of the same flaws as the dominant party members, but as a party, we are very welcoming and tolerant of diverse opinions and great ideas, and you can almost always get support from some people just on principle--in other words, you really have to wear out your welcome to be shut out of a debate. You don't even have to be 18 to join. Please join us.

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