Comment: Lets set the Record Straight!

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Lets set the Record Straight!

Cuccinelli and Sarvis lost nothing. They were both would-be public servants for and of the people trying to restore their Republic form of Government. Neither candidate lost anything by NOT getting elected.

Because neither Candidate showed any form of maturity to focus on the 'BETTER GOOD', the Communistic Democratic Candidate won his non-winnable election.

Therefor the ONLY LOSERS were the GOOD PEOPLE of the Republic of Virginia.

Shame on both repugnant political candidates for wasting everyone's time and energy. And even more shame on those who cast votes for the absolute undeniable candidate who had NO CHANCE of winning what-so-ever.

Because WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY, we've become a joke to those trying to stop us, .. and all because too many of us are ignorant independent FOOLS. (Access your bookmarks from any computer!)