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Comment: Dr. Disinfo - Your Skills are WEAK.

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Dr. Disinfo - Your Skills are WEAK.

Your first sentence is a contradiction to your second sentence:

"And you think cooper WASN'T an agent? Well, i don't think he was." Yeah you have to add that 2nd part because your first sentence implies that you know Alex Jones is an agent. Almost let that slip....


Let's look at some FACTS:

Alex Jones spreads some facts, some falsehoods, & a lot of FEAR.
Alex Jones LIED about being the FIRST to mention the 9/11, Patsy Bin Laden connection.

Bill Cooper was the real FIRST BROADCASTER to warn of a False-Flag-style event using Patsy Bin Laden.
Bill Cooper was interviewed on Alex Jones' show.
Bill Cooper claimed Alex Jones LIED about his demeanor during that interview.

9/11 took place as Bill Cooper first warned.
Less than 2 months after 9/11, Bill Cooper was killed in his home by the "Apache County Sheriff's Dept", while the local authorities were left in the dark.

Alex Jones stands on street corners screaming, shouting, and causing a distraction.
Bill Cooper filed suit against the IRS - charging that they had no authority in Arizona, where he lived. He demanded to know where they derive their legal authority from --- none was ever given.

Research easily shows who the Genuine Patriot is, and who the Government Troll is.

A YouTube Comment sums Alex Jones up pretty succinctly: "He tells you some facts, so you'll swallow the rest of the lies."

And YOU are an obvious PLANT. The only question is: Should the DailyPaul allow Agents of Deception to continually attempt to corrupt the dialogue ? ?