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Talk is cheap. The two parties that have enough power so that

their actions may be judged talk a good game; their actions plainly are not good for anyone caring to notice. Is that a problem of a specific party or parties or a problem of people with power?

LP can talk a GREAT Game with little worry of being found out as BS artists, on the whole, since they have had essentially no power with which to create a record of actions.

PATRIOT ACT; who could be against that?

Libertarian Party; who among those that really care about LIBERTY could be opposed to a party with a name like that?

Is being ruled by people that occupy the high seats in a TOP DOWN STRUCTURE with a form of LIBERTY in their organizations name less onerous, less authoritarian than being ruled by another TDS without a form of LIBERTY in its' name?

If the people who established a very effective authoritarian control scheme which hid itself from being seen for what it is by creating two parties in feigned opposition detected a potential threat from some people catching on to the sham; what would be a cheap and easy defense against that threat ever becoming a serious challenge to the PTB status quo?

Very convenient name in the same way the PATRIOT ACT is conveniently named.

We are currently in PARTY HELL. It is not any specific party/parties that are the problem or the solution. Parties are a vehicle favored by those that wish to rule over others.

To escape PARTY HELL we current have no option but to use the vehicle of the PARTY System to gain enough power to first re-establish INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and then destroy the vehicles like PARTIES that make subverting LIBERTY easy.

If one must play the PARTY game to have any hope of ending the PARTY GAME, that subverted LIBERTY, how best to go about playing that game?

Create a party from scratch or take control of an existing party?

Creating a party from scratch to become anything useful in a reasonable time frame is impossible in the current environment.

In going the route of Taking Over/Subverting(from the view of those currently occupying the high seats) an existing party is it better to go after a party with no power and no legitimacy in the eyes of those that sleep walk to the polls or one with both power and legitimacy.

Facts that make up reality stubbornly resist efforts to ignore them; particularly if those efforts are on the basis of them being unfair.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in