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yes, I'm obviously, a "plant"

just watch: water it, and it grows xD

And, it just happens that I'm one of the most prolific DailyPaul frontpage featured members, here. And, been that way for a long ass time, too.

Having stated such, all this time, I've never 'heard' of, nor 'seen' you, until now.

Seeing as how YOU are the one who is 'new' here, perhaps you shouldn't hang around a site where "plants" are featured so regularly on its front pages.

Your lack of discernment skills leaves a lot to be desired. Apparently, you have very little understanding of conversational flow and like to exercise omissions:

"And you think cooper WASN'T an agent? Well, i don't think he was." Yeah you have to add that 2nd part because your first sentence implies that you know Alex Jones is an agent. Almost let that slip....

Because what I actually said was (contrary to your "quotes," which would actually denote that someone actually said that exactly as the text between those quote-marks would indicate, which you're simply lying about, now; apparently you don't even read what you're responding to):

right, 'cause the guy who said JFK's driver killed him, and saw UFO's wasn't??

though, truthfully, I don't think Cooper was an agent.

First part was simply me sarcastically mocking the ridiculousness of your 'logic' and assertions.

Because obviously, JFK wasn't shot with a .45ACP out of the Secret Service driver's gun, as the damage to his skull wasn't consistent with one. Nor was there any images nor witness testimony that ever claimed that the driver turned around to shoot JFK.

Well, as for the "UFO's"? While all that means is that it's "unidentified flying object" and they may as well be, but no one can prove whether it is from outer space or govt projects.

But when Cooper refers to it, he clearly meant aliens/off-worlders.

That said, none of those assertions prove or disprove that Cooper was or wasn't an "agent."

In fact, it'd be a moronic logical leap to assume that he was or wasn't, based on that.

Plus, I merely stated an assessment of it: because I actually have his works in my personal possession and listened, read and watched it, I believe Cooper was sincere in his assertions. But, I disagree with his conclusions; as stated before that doesn't make him an "agent," nor does the fact that just because I personally disagree with someone, like you, does that make the subject of disagreement a "plant," an "agent," a "shill" etc.

That, is truly an imbecilic, childish logic fit for a 5yr old, or a neoCon.

Which, is why I stated:

though, truthfully, I don't think Cooper was an agent.

So, how any rational person can actually assume me stating the above, after the first sarcastic/mockery opener, would be akin to:

Yeah you have to add that 2nd part because your first sentence implies that you know Alex Jones is an agent. Almost let that slip....

is f'ng ridiculously hilarious!!!

Oh you got me! I "almost let that slip" OMG! OMG! Yeah, that was such a state secret I let slip, eh Sam?


And, by the way, I still don't think you're a "plant," a "troll," or a "shill."

Though well-meaning, just misguided... perhaps.

Or, you could be just another in a long line of "anti-NWO Johnny Come Latelys," who've been conned for so long, but once 'awakened,' still can't tell apart style vs. substance.

That's okay, this will be my last reply to you on the matter: I frankly don't give a shiit who's Team shirt you wear.

Believe this is the first time we've ever replied to each other.

But, considering: this would probably be the last.

Enjoy yourself.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul