Comment: How to make money on a network

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How to make money on a network

Lanier provides another clue, further on in the book. I'm not normally this slow of a reader with this interesting of a book, but I've got other things going on here at the moment.

This is at Loc 592 in my Kindle version (I don't know what that means, but that's what it says). After talking about how money "used to" forget - i.e. how cash is anonymous, but now we're moving more and more toward electronic currency that leaves a record of every transaction (we all know now that includes bitcoin)"

Even legitimate commerce can become a little scammy when some money remembers more than other money. There's an old cliche that goes, "If you want to make money in gambling, own a casino. " The new version is "If you want to make money on a network, own the most meta server." If you own the fastest computers with the most access to everyone's information, you can just search for money and it will appear.

Who owns the most meta servers? I think it is obvious that at this point in time, it is Google. Then check this out:

An opaque, elite server that remembers everything money used to forget, placed at the center of human affairs, begins to resemble certain ideas about God.

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It comes back to predictive power as I mentioned below. It is not about the bikini ads, it is about the network that serves them; the network that we, because we spend so much time online now, for all intents and purposes, live in.

It is a great book.

The future keeps unfolding. Technology is not going to stop. No one really knows where it is taking us.

He's the man.