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ok....i think....I don't understand your title on the last post you know Alex Jones personally?

Inferring to me being some AJ……I don’t know shrill…..yeah you are way off base. I wouldn’t call AJ gay, because I wouldn’t want to lump in and insult gay people by associating them with AJ, but I damn sure would call him an idiot. I don’t know who “down voted” your response, maybe AJ BF, but it wasn’t me, I welcome intelligent dialogue.

Thank you for compiling that information and putting it on one site. Since you directed me to the platform Let’s just start there. BTW any disagreement I may have is not an indictment upon you personally.

Platform of the Greenback Labor Party,
Adopted at the National Convention, held in Chicago, June 9 and 10, 1880.

1. That the right to make and issue money is a sovereign power to be maintained by the people for the common benefit. The delegation of this right to corporations is a surrender of the central attribute of sovereignty, void of constitutional sanction, conferring upon a subordinate irresponsible power, and absolute dominion over industry and commerce. All money, whether metallic or paper, should be issued and its volume controlled by the Government and not by or through banking corporations, and when so issued should be a full legal tender for all debts, public and private.
See right off the bat …..I disagree with this. What is to be used as money should be determined by the “free market” if you believe in Liberty. Only a Statist would make such a statement.

As Ludwig von Mises conclusively demonstrated in 1912, money does not and cannot originate by order of the State or by some sort of social contract agreed upon by all citizens; it must always originate in the processes of the free market. Before coinage, there was barter. Goods were produced by those who were good at it, and their surpluses were exchanged for the products of others. Every product had its barter price in terms of all other products, and every person gained by exchanging something he needed less for a product he needed more. The voluntary market economy became a latticework of mutually beneficial exchanges.

This crucial element in barter is what is called the double
coincidence of wants. A second problem is one of indivisibilities. Another problem with the barter system is what would happen to business calculation. But man is ingenious. He managed to find a way to overcome these obstacles and transcend the limiting system of barter. Trying to overcome the limitations of barter, he arrived, step by step, at one of man’s most ingenious, important and productive inventions:

Once a commodity begins to be used as a medium of exchange, when the word gets out it generates even further use of the commodity as a medium. In this way, a commodity used as a medium feeds upon itself and its use spirals upward, until before long the commodity is in general use throughout the society or country as a medium of exchange. But when a commodity is used as a medium for most or all exchanges, that commodity is defined as being a money.

Money used as a medium of exchange, as an instrument of indirect exchange, as well as being purchased directly for its own sake. In this way money enters the free market, as market participants begin to select suitable commodities for use as the medium of exchange, with that use rapidly escalating until a general medium of exchange, or money, becomes established in the market.

Money was a leap forward in the history of civilization and in man’s economic progress. Money—as an element in every exchange—permits man to overcome all the immense difficulties of barter.

“should be issued and its volume controlled by the Government and not by or through banking corporations”

This is a statement in the left/right paradigm and is a complete contradiction of the concept of Liberty. You are not making an argument for Liberty….you are making a argument that you would be a better choice of as the RULER.

If you want me to continue with the rest of the platform I will.
I think I addressed you question regarding the Germans and the banking interest. BTW German unification didn’t happen until after 1871, so in the future please let me know when you say German are you speaking about the Austrian German Political region or the Prussian region. Thanks.

And sorry for the length of the last post, but it was in proportion to the information you provided.