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Is it...

...really that costly for me to hire a bounty hunter to go after the slave trader, and for my neighbor to help provide for the trader's own defense? I'm kind of picturing a scenario like in 'True Grit' where the private law enforcement is hired by the girl to bring her father's killer to justice. Then, because my neighbor is an accessory to a violation of natural law, I could send another agent to interfere with his efforts? I'd be using force to keep my neighbor in line with my view of natural law: slavery is a violation of the NAP. Or would that be a violation of NAP on my own part, similar to forcing a neighbor to fund my law enforcement?

Regarding punishment in the case of murder of anyone, born or unborn, I am opposed to the death penalty. I'd rather have the perpetrator alive but restrained as necessary, so that they can have the opportunity in this life of finding the path to inner redemption and moral reformation. Plus there are also the cases where the accused end up being shown to have been wrongfully convicted. I think forced sterilization would be inhumane treatment as well.

The best scenario would be for the attempted murder of a child to be stopped, the mother being held and the child being put into adoption upon birth, and the mother and provider serving time for attempted murder.