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no office chairs

Spent my grunt time crawling into dirty jet engines, showering in the sweat of comrades on top of the turbines as I labored underneath. Over night lows in the eighties, humidity in the high nineties. Lucky enough never to see combat. I am a coward, which is why I enlisted in the AF, where the officers do the fighting.

Fobbit? You lost me on that one. Burger king? No thanks.

I'm sorry about your buds. Fortunately, they represent the minority of GIs.

Won't be backing off or shutting up. If my children or grandchildren are inclined to help themselves to the taxpayers' pelf I would advise them against it. I do not excoriate the dead any more than I'd honor every government employee who wears an approved costume. Each of us is unique and deserving of respect or contempt contingent upon our behavior. My scorn is for those whose "respect" is reflexive rather than reflective.

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