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With lots of footnotes. :-)

About Israel:

Amidst the chaos of the Middle East we have always had one friend that never leaves our side-Israel. As an ally, Israel has never wavered. One thing you can know for sure is you will never see an Israeli burning the American flag.

The context about flag burning is explaining foreign aid. "In Egypt and Pakistan, they riot and burn our flag. I say not one penny more to any nation that burns our flag."

He's in favor of the US having the strongest military on the planet.

Someone commented below that Ron Paul could never have made this speech, and that's certainly true.

But if Rand is willing to commit to continuing foreign aid to Israel, commit to the sanctions against Iran that Ron Paul called "literally an act of war," commit to making our military the strongest on the planet, commit to new weapons programs ("a plan to modernize our military, and strengthen our defenses"), and commit to using military force "when necessary," he won't be the first choice of the neocons but they'll at least find him acceptable in a way that his father wasn't.