Comment: drunk driving laws

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drunk driving laws

should be put under the reckless endangerment laws. Simply put if someone is driving erratically because they are drunk they should have the book thrown at them. instant jail time.

The problem with the drunk driving laws is that its a cash cow. You have serial drunkards who can afford to pay the fine over and over again until they kill somebody. Then you have someone who drank one beer who gets the same fine as the previous guy. Once arrest cost the state money things will get more sane.

Note my dad was killed by a drunk driver when I was eleven, in the state of Illinois he got three years probation, cause he could pay the fine. My mom got won a civil suit against him and only got 500 dollars, because according to the judge thats all he could afford. If that was true how come he paid all the lawyer fees and fines associated with the man slaughter, drinking and driving, running a red light, going 100 in a 35 mile zone charges. And was able to pay for his previous 3 drunk driving charges.