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You won't call the cops,..Cop.

In my state, putting somebody in "308 sights" is a felony. Of course, you're a cop, and cops lie, perjure, beat scrawny bartenders and skaters, the crippled, elderly, senile and weak. You guys murder children by the half dozen, fire 16 rounds into the sleeping resident of the wrong house, plant drugs, because they are Mexican, rape, kick pregnant women in the stomach, intentionally drive your cruisers over little kids and strut around like the predatory pigs that you scum are.

Let me be perfectly clear.

You're an unprincipled PIG on a team of murderous thugs, whose terms of employment require you to do anything you're told and any suggestion that you respect the Constitutional rights of other Americans is a complete lie.

Normally I try to avoid ad hominem attacks on the person, but the truth is, over the last 50 years I've found that cops, all cops, are the lowest, worst kind of creature ever, anywhere.

Me? No convictions. Perfectly clean record including the last six years driving.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ