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Comment: I think Ron Paul would encourage you!

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I think Ron Paul would encourage you!

When I 1st met him in 2007 I walked with him and his entourage from the U.S. Naval Reserve building down a path along Lake Union, to their mini-van. I told him what life is like working for a global corporation, on the ground floor of the global supply chain model, and how globalism is being pushed in the online web based training and classes. He said "We are aware that is going on." I explained that going to the union on the issue of indoctrination into globalism is not an option because they believe in many of the same collectivist type of beliefs," or something to that extent. He replied "We need more liberty and freedom minded people in positions of leadership where they can have an influence, like Shop Stewards, Team Leads, Supervisors or Managers, (and I would add to that "Employee Involvement Team Captains", etc.) "The goal is to get more people in those positions, just like we are trying to do with the delegates and PCO's in the Republican party."

So, based on that conversation, I think Ron Paul would encourage you to pursue a career in law enforcement for a county sheriff's department. I do too. We need more DP'ers in those positions, so robots on steroids don't fill them, and invariably fill innocent people with lead.