Comment: Fully Eschew Mere Sound Bites Before Swallowing

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Fully Eschew Mere Sound Bites Before Swallowing

You accepted my invitation for conversation on the topic, but it's clear, and you acknowledge, you haven't delved much into the story yet. It's captivating, you'll find (I promise), perhaps hence the name. I think you you will find some theories are premised upon sound reasoning and solid inference, and, in fact, historically supports your and my view of the error of statism. But the devil is in the details.

You may be right that Patrick Byrne, ( and I suspect, so do you) likely still hold onto some vestige of conventional naivete as a consequence of the customary expectations of polite company and upbringing; but I'll tell you I've satisfied myself that Patrick's the real deal and a hell of a stand up guy in my book. Yet this isn't a story about him, though he has proven to be a key protagonist heroically playing his part through some key action sequences as the plot develops. Not to spoil the suspense, but I will tell you that, strangely, you will find the conspiracy story line is not fiction. If you have the stamina to continue with the odyssey, I predict you will discover more than merely that the plot thickens.

Whether such Revelations foretell of Apocalypse Soon, I leave as ponerology and philosophic overlay to the interpretation of others so inclined. Likewise whether the forces of evil at work in scenarios playing out behind the scenes are Satanic contrivances, or just plain bad people doing bad things, draw your own conclusions, but eschew snap judgments on the merits if the contention is convincing. Many theories I too find to be the stuff of distraction from the veracity of substantive information at hand.

But if one wants evidence of "intergenerational conspiracy", for example, one needn't look much deeper into history than the Bush clan (Prescott, George Herbert, and Lil' Bush); and "secret cabal" handiwork is evident in the corporate personhood winking countenanced for The Carlyle Group, or Halliburton, or Goldman Sachs, for instance.

It's a cabal alright ... A complex operating on the simple motives you seem to have a handle on, though I still think you miss the boat as to what's afoot. And it's not all that secret, though it requires some investment of diligence and discernment to divine.

I'll come back to your 'Journey to Jekyll Island the Philosophers'. May I commend you to try again to dig into the scope and magnitude of systemic convulsions irreversibly pending as a result of DTCC, and it's principals, nekked antics. You might agree that Satanic ritual wouldn't be hyperbolic description, if you took the time to try to connect the dots in order to discern what goes on in broad daylight in their pentagon shape-shifting concentric circles of dark shameless evil.

Rothbard's Big Picture:

"Giant multinational corporations, and their economic satellites, in alliance with governments and the big banks, are in the process of extending their influence on a global scale: they dream of a world central bank, global planning, and an international welfare state, with American troops policing the world to guarantee their profit margins...


"I put the word “conspiracy” in quotes because it has become the favorite swearword of the Respectable Right and the “extremist”-baiting Left. If it is conspiracy-mongering to believe that human beings engage in purposeful activity to achieve their economic, political, and personal goals, then rational men and women must necessarily plead guilty. The alternative is to assert that human action is purposeless, random, and inexplicable. History, in this view, is a series of discontinuous accidents.

Yet it would be inaccurate to call the Rothbardian world view a “conspiracy theory.” ... This was not some secret cabal meeting in a soundproof corporate boardroom, but a “conspiracy” of ideas openly and vociferously expressed....


"But the complexity and subtlety of the Rothbardian analysis, backed up by the sheer mass of rich historical detail, sets Rothbard on an altogether different and higher plane. Here there is no single agency, no omnipotent central committee that issues directives, but a multiplicity of interest groups and factions whose goals are generally congruent.

In this milieu, there are familial, social, and economic connections, as well as ideological complicity, and none is better than Rothbard at ferreting out and unraveling these biographical details. Taken together, the author’s small and studied brushstrokes paint a portrait of a ruling class whose ruthlessness is surpassed only by its brazen disloyalty to the nation.

It is a portrait that remains unchanged, in its essentials, to this day. Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy ... "