Comment: The Major Problem

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The Major Problem

I see is, that millions of people now know with out a fact these wars were fradulently executed. However, the soldiers who come back refuse to unite to back this empirical evidence, but instead the majority continue to cheer the fraud. I believe it's honorable to sign up to defend America, but if they realize this isn't what you are actually doing, your honor to the oath taken would be to state the treasonous fraud the government has led the masses into believing. I understand they have friends who were killed in action, but how is it honoring them to praise the fraud allowing more to die, when they could unite together voice the fraud they learned, and hopefully hold those responsible for executing it. If this occured, the majority of Americans would give even more praise to those who have done the honorable thing to force an end to the wars, and exposed the Corporatist to be held accoutable. Honor is to defend the Republic and the Constitution, and when our rights are being lost as these wars continue, IMO, they are being unhonorable not respecting their oath.