Comment: It's always a crap shoot

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It's always a crap shoot

When you get pulled over the experience can range from feeling insulted and abused, to being appreciative (admittedly rare) that police really are out to serve and protect.

I once had an experience on the I-695 Beltway around Baltimore.

A cop who was standing in the right, breakdown lane, flagged me to pull over.
He comes to the window and asks me if I know why he told me to pull over. I said I did not.
He then tells me I was driving in the breakdown lane, and accused me of trying to go around traffic to get off the exit ramp.

Pissed me right off.

I told him I was not headed for that exit. I told him where I was headed.

He goes to check my license, comes back and while he couldn't find any record, he says, "That name sounds familiar." I asked if he knew people from my church. He said he didn't and acted like he was implying that I was someone 'notorious'!

I wanted to run his a-s-s over.

I got a $150 ticket and was told by the judge that if I wanted to contest it, the ticket could end up costing me more.

So I paid the ticket at the cashier window and moved on with my life.