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Holbrook seems like a godly and sincere person, but it doesn't

make him/her right on this issue.

When I encountered the doctrines of Calvinism, I was repulsed. I was supposed to believe that the God I'd been serving since childhood actually wanted people to go to hell. But, I loved truth more than anything and since the Calvinists had given me a few proof texts from Scripture, I HAD to look into it. I grappled with it for about four years. If God was like that, I wanted to know it. You see, it's not about what our human minds can handle, but what is truth. Even if God was an ogre, He is still creator and deserves my obedience and worship. So, I read the Bible over and over. I read the 'proof texts' IN CONTEXT repeatedly. I finally came to KNOW that Calvinism was untrue. Before that, I would say, "I just can't believe that", but it never satisfied. I had to KNOW the truth. We have to base our beliefs on the Scripture because our emotions, intellect, and even Satan will many times deceive us. We also have to realize that anyone can "prove" anything they want with the Bible. We have to ask God for wisdom, believe what's written (in context), accept the few things we cannot understand, and we will know the truth.

Since then, I have found the Bible teachings of Michael Pearl, and he made everything make even more sense (as far as where the doctrines of Calvinism came from, etc.). Like I said earlier, I have learned how truly merciful and just God is. I don't bother arguing with the Calvinists any longer (my own beloved sister has become one) because they are a proud sort and will not change their minds unless God deals with them. I just pray they will see the truth, and I keep telling lost sinners the true gospel.

May God bless you!

Christians should not be warmongers!