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My friend, PLEASE KNOW that I am not judging you, I am trying by the grace of God to help open your understanding.

I never said anything about eternal torment.

Hell, is the grave.

It is the eternal death that those who enter will never have the hope of enterning the eternal joy and riches of being with Christ in a heaven of love, peace joy and things that we know not in this life of how unspeakable that joy will be.

They have set their happiness in this short time on earth and care not about eternity.

I say what I say ( poorly as I do ) to hopefully put some thought into the minds of those who do not know truth and in some way they are in their hearts desiring to know it.

I only they knew!

I never judge anyone for their unbelief, or hatred for God because I know that all are sinners including myself and only through the mercy of God is anyone saved.

It is all His work!

He hears the prayers of His children, and therefore I pray for you that one day you will come to the true faith and eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ, I truly pray for you.

The Chief of Sinners.....Holbrook

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~