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How about a third party to intervene then?

I tend to like what AnCap has to post considering his thorough, yet obviously borrowed (still giving credit), material.

However, I've been told by "many" in the Liberty Movement to "listen to all sides of the argument."

What exactly do you have on AnCap that makes you believe he is a "disinformation/misinformation agent," Samuel?

Again, you made the claim that he is an "agent," so I need you to show me (and the rest of the DP) what you have on this guy.

Please refrain from using excuses of any kind. I want evidence of your claim. I've seen many people accuse Alex Jones of being a Stratfor Agent or a rip-off artist of Bill Cooper.

I ask all of those people and yourself to please provide me with some kind of physical evidence/proof. Don't just say, "Open your mind, man," or "Just search online."

Again, I'm all ears to what you have to say.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.