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Comment: Few people have knowledge of

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Few people have knowledge of

Far from being an enemy of the FED, few people have knowledge of the cozy working-relationship that JFK formed with the FED, almost immediately upon taking office, JFK, himself, convinced the FED to sell short-term Treasuries and use the funding to purchase Long-Term bonds. It was the a tactic that was recently revived by none of than Ben Bernanke...the ole Operation Twist. It involved the auction of $6.9 Billion dollars of short-term debt and buying notes with 5 year maturities.

Indeed, if you look at the policies of JFK, he maintained a very close relationship with the FED and his policies reflect that fact. In fact, JFK essentially ended the tight fiscal policies of Eisenhower, promoting and supporting the FED in loosening monetary policy.

Additionally, few people realize that JFK was an avid supporter of the IMF and the World Bank, thus if completely defies reality to think that he would oppose the FED when his actions prove just the opposite. In his speech to the IMF, he lauded the actions of not only the IMF, but also the central banks of the world for their monetary policies.

As far as the conspiracy theory, even the newspaper articles denote the real reasons behind JFK's policies and eventually EO11110: In effect, the President wants to end silver's status as an important monetary metal and make it a freely traded commodity, like copper and soybeans. Except from the Southeast Missourian-November 28, 1961. The theory that is promoted about EO11110 just does not hold any water whatsoever, add all the other facts to the case and it falls apart completely!

EO11110 did not expand the use of silver, but diminished it's use and expanded the role of the FED to issue Federal Reserve Notes. The EO also didn't expand or issue United States Notes, in fact, it heralded the eventual demise of the United States Notes in favor of Federal Reserve Notes. There was, at that point, no reason to continue them since through EO11110, the FED was finally allowed to print and issue every single currency denomination in this country. Again, JFK was not the hero!

Add to this all the other compelling information (as seen in many posts below) that completely contradicts this conspiracy theory that it bears investigation of anyone who honestly is interested in knowing what is true from what is blatantly false. That is, after all, what anyone should want to know, even if it causes you to abandon what you once thought was true. That has happened to me more times than not, I have abandoned, over the years, various theories and scenarios that been proven false.

At one time, not too many years ago, I believed this conspiracy theory and others, the reason was because I didn't do adequate research to disprove it at the time. When I began to research the subject I was forced, by actual facts, to change my views to reflect the accurate version of history.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun