Comment: Alex Jones is gay

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Alex Jones is gay

As per your instruction, the title has nothing to do with anything

re: Greenback Party platforms
I expected that you would dis-agree with those platforms; the reason for directing you towards them was to show what the 19th century platforms were; to show that the 19th century greenbacks parties had nothing in common with those whom Gary y2k and Tom Wood designates as greenbackers; to show that the greenback parties considered gold/silver coin the money of the constitution

(if you argue with the platforms, you are not arguing with me, you are argueing with dead people)

>>>>> money should be determined by the "free market"
But didn't the U.S. constitution decree that the Federal Mint should produce coins, as per instruction by Congress ?
Do the banking corporations know about your concept that the "market" and not they should issue circulating medium ? :-)

>>>>BTW German unification didn’t happen until after 1871,
You referring to what exactly ? (that I may correct it if in error)