Comment: If a person didn't believe in God

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If a person didn't believe in God

before the unraveling of America, they can at least start with a belief in Satan.

Satan is a liar, a thief and a murderer.
He comes to lie, steal and kill.

As a liar he employs hefty amounts of deception.
Americans are deceived into believing they are free.
They are not.

Americans have been robbed of more money and wealth than any other people in history. And most don't even suspect it.

Americans are killed in a variety of ways. #1 is the massive genocide that has taken place through a single Supreme Court decision to legalize the extermination of millions of unborn babies.

So, Satan is alive and well in America.
He almost goes unchallenged and in many respects aided and abetted by the United States Government.

God predicted this global reign of lies, theft and killing. He sent the world a life line. Many have availed themselves. Most will not.

Everybody wants to live in Heaven.
But nobody wants to die.