Comment: Ugh.... I can't stand

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Ugh.... I can't stand

Ugh.... I can't stand authoritative self-aggrandized pricks with shiny badges like that "officer" in the video. What in these peoples brains make them believe that they have ANY right to tell another human being how to live when they themselves walk around pointing weapons at people, coercing, killing and threatening people?? What a self-righteous little pig.

"I'm a cop and I walk around with a gun 24/7" But you don't get a gun pointed at your head for it, do you??

He says THEY are destroying the 2nd amendment while him and his goons surround these 2 guys with guns drawn.... What world do these fools live in!?

When will they realize that what they stand for is what people don't like about them? And somehow, someway they get a pass in our society and have more rights than us. Just sickening...