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Heros are in the mirror?

One of the 3 major contributors to the invention, construction, improvement, and then sale of Pay Pal wrote the book Pay Pal Wars.

The phrase "take over the world" was used in some form or another; I gave out my copy after I read it.

Elon Musk was able to challenge money monopoly powers and win.

Stepping from a method of gaining purchasing power by selling purchasing power, which was the example PayPal, the individual non-hero then went on to produce one of the most competitive automobiles in the world and he built those automobiles in California with a lot of help from many more coworkers or "employees," or "jobs" filled by people who are no longer employed elsewhere, or not at all.

Meanwhile the fuel used in those Electric cars can be produced at home where the people in those homes invest in Solar Panels which are also competitively installed by a company of people assembled into being by Elon Musk, that company being Solar City.

The non-hero also stepped up and began producing such low cost and high quality rocket motors that his company of assembled specialists and "workers" gained a place in the world wide rocket motor market; out performing "government" rocker motor producers.

When trading with "governments," if you have not yet figured it out, the people running the "government" insist upon the use of their "government" money, for some strange, but interesting, reason.