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Comment: "Conviction " comes form "proof"...

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"Conviction " comes form "proof"...

..., knowing comes from personal observation or involvement. I won't argue with you -- just go and find someone around you who has had such an experience. I have, and I don't care to argue with anyone about it.

Whatever turn of semantics causes you to say I "sound" like something or other does not really touch me one way or another.

The point is, someone who has had such an experience HAS had their time arrive, despite the fact that most are trained to beleive it is only possible with death and are thus s*** scared of it. It's quite common for those who have had it happen, even, to be scared as their "training" still applies.

I had to look up biocentrism:
noun: biocentrism

the view or belief that the rights and needs of humans are not more important than those of other living things."

but I could not draw any connection between it and anything I mentioned.