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good to see this on the frontpage .o)

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whoa, holy chiit, speaking of the Black List, just heard Mancow Muller talk about Harry Lennix (co-star of The BlackList), whom I enjoyed watching on Joss Whedon's ever underrated DollHouse. Mancow said that Lennix, a born and bred Chicago native, knew oBUSHma before he was 'Obama' and told Mancow (not sure if he told him personally off show, or on his regularly scheduled radio show), that when 'they' needed Obama to become an 'actor' they allegedly actually hired Lennix to 'train' oBUSHma to BE/fully become an actor, as if Barry was like some z-rate star wannabe with good looks but with no acting abilities, having his frustrated studio contracting an acting-coach (ie. Lennix) to help train him, to become a 'better' actor!

Mancow Rejects 9 Million Offer to Join Team Obama
Published on Nov 13, 2013

Alex is joined on air by Eric "Mancow" Muller to discuss his recent denied offer by the Obama administration to be a schill for Government deceit to the American people.


Harry Lennix @ ComicCon: Barry even kinda has the same 'visage' as Lennix!

sounds 'incredible' until you realize Obama and his entire family's heavy CIA ties, not to mention the fact that oBUSHma worked FOR Business International Corp, a known CIA front company, along with the fact that it's well known now that the Clintons too were basically 'groomed' to be what they are.

Anyway, anecdotally it's interesting, and not sure if true or not, but does not seem implausible. Plus, Lennix wouldn't say this without being sued, and the fact that he's been disgusted by oBUSHma enough to tell Mancow, and Mancow himself stating this publicly on AJ show today, says that it's more than likely true.

Besides, considering Mancow and to certain extent Lennix both still work in and out of oBUSHma's Chicago homebase, O's activist base would not 'let' them get away with it, for long with such public declaration, without some whiny PR-counterattack.

but personally, even though I'm no audiophile, for whatever reason, I've always had a knack for identifying people by their distinct vocal cadence. And the way Harry Lennix plays his characters, and the times I've seen him in interviews, I've told everyone around me that oBUSHma speaks in similar cadence. IF what he asserts is true, it's prettying evident, even his mulatto complexion, and some bodylanguage mannerisms.

Interesting, eitherway.

Hey, they are state-ACTORS afterall, guess nothing should be surprising anymore...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul