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Exactly. And in physics

there are Universal Laws that cannot be broken. If one tries they will be destroyed but the Laws remain the same.

Love is seen as THE Universal Law or Principle. Love is more than just the sound our mouths make when we try to describe a degree of being pleased with something when we feel an intense Positive Emotion (E-Motion = Energy Motion) in the Solar-plexus. Love is what creation feels like. What Life feels like. What Blessing feels like. So if you chose to go against the unshakable LAW of Love (Command of God) you become LAW-less and you become a person who has "lost" their way.

My friend, we are using different mouth sounds to describe the same ineffable thing.

The Egyptians had no separation between their "faith" and their studies (sciences) of the afterlife. They were ONE body of knowledge only to later be divided in two. The "Spiritual" must be left to the Institution of the Church and the "Physical" must be left to the Institution of Science, they said. But we are in a time when these two are remerging as ONE.

This Truth will validate all Faiths but the Institutions that lawlessly constrict them into separateness, will fall away.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin