Comment: Liquid Flouide Thorium Reactor.

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Liquid Flouide Thorium Reactor.

LFTRs as they are known. I don't know if that's what's in this car, but does anyone have any knowledge of LFTRs? I figured after Fukushima, it became clear that the problems of long term storage of nuclear waste made the industry too dangerous.

But Thorium seems to be different altogether. A different reaction, no worry of meltdown, no need to keep the reactor at high pressures. The waste is very harmful if ingested, but basically harmless to be around. (Alpha particles are too big to penetrate the skin. But if inside the body, the bigger particles do more harm.)

Waste lasts 500 yrs, instead of 10,000. 500 is longer than I'd like, but it's not 10,000. It appears to be much more efficient than fission reactors. And thorium is less scarce than uranium to mine.

Anyone with experience with Thorium or LFTRs have any insight?

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