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"...schools of education" had come into being. These nice

folks were teaching new teachers some of the most absurd things - like teachers aren't supposed to teach anymore." Yes. Teachers today are viewed as "facilitators." Facilitators - who need not have any particular expertise in a subject - work great in business meetings or conferences to elicit opinions from among a group of peers who ALREADY HAVE a certain level of knowledge in a given area; or, say, in marketing, to elicit opinions as to what potential consumers like or not about a product. And whereas, in education, it's appropriate in *certain classes* - such as a teacher facilitating a science experiment or a discussion on the meaning of a poem... in other cases it limits the level of knowledge to the brightest students in the class, is a gross waste of time, and can lead students to believe that there are multiple and equally-valid valid answers where there are not. Education today is turning everything into a "sharing of opinions" - with no right or wrong answers.

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