Comment: just another attack on God and His true religion

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just another attack on God and His true religion

I do realize that what I say, it may not move you. However, it Is my duty to preach the Word, that who hears it might believe and receive everlasting life.

The Bible says clearly that a fool says in his heart there is no God. We are blinded for many reasons, but essentially is because we want to be blinded. We love darkness rather than light. We love sin rather than righteousness, and we love ourselves before all else. We are perverted. We are bound by sin, we are dead in sin, spiritually we are dead already, and soon to be dead physically.

However God do not want to see His creations seperat from Him forever. Because of who God is, Just, righteous, loving, kind, He has a Way to demonstrate throught out all eternity His Characters. He send His own Son to die, to pay the price of Sin, and to justify all those who would believe and come to Him.

If you feel the burden of sin on your back, if you feel guilty for what you have done, if the life you lead give you sleepless nights, then be of good cheer, for salvation is close at hand. When you are hopeless, when you are weary, when you are at the end of yourself, then look up to the One Who has prepared a way for you. Seek Him, cry out to Him, until you come to meet Him at that Cross, and your burden will roll away.

This is not fairy tale, this is not make believe, or a scheme to make you subservient to an earthly power. It is the Truth. Hundreds of millions of people who walked before you testified to the Saving Grace of Christ. And it is available to you, too.

And yes. It will require you to give up your lifestyle, your sin and it's pleasures and yourself, but in exchange, you will receive life eternal! And in His presence is fullness of joy and in His right hand is pleasure forevermore. Believe today, believe now.