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Looking back, I see you did

Looking back, I see you did suggest the "spread the message from within" route. I wonder if you would recommend that today?

I would suggest your option 3 from above.I think this is the most practical way out. I would also try to avoid giving this letter to your instructor if you can, but still have that conversation with your instructor about exploring your options. I don't know if your already contracted for the further 6 yr obligation or not, but I think you should be able to tell your leadership you longer wish to become an officer and would like to finish your obligation enlisted. If I were in your shoes (which I kind of was), however, I would refuse to commission no matter what even if it meant do the cons. obj route.

On that note, I do encourage you to reevaluate the "just war theory". I did a good amount of reading into this when I was getting my CO packet ready. I remember the first time I read the JWT I laughed under my breath and though "well by these standards there never was and there never can be a just war". I encourage you to pick up the book " A change of Allegiance". Its the story and 'manifesto' of and by a christian soldier who went through the consc. obj. process. I don't adhere to everything said in the book, but it thoroughly dismisses the Christian arguments for war. IMO the just war theory is just another concoction the 'powers that be' (at the time) sold the their followers to allow them to get away with what that wanted to do. I do consider myself an orthodox (little "o") Catholic by the way, but I do not excuse the evil that has been done by men who claim to be from the Church.

Anyway, I think I can sense from your other comments that you have a good idea of what you need to do now. It all works out.

"War is a Racket" - Maj. General Smedley Butler