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quote unquote from the Seattle Times

Legislators, still pained by the veto but pressed by cities to fix the mess, are preparing to try again. A hearing is scheduled Wednesday on SB 6265, a bill proposed by medical marijuana's champion in Olympia, Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, to legalize nonprofit dispensers and kick regulation to cities.

Wow, she's a champion for medical mj! Wow. and then she kicks the regulation to the cities who have denied access ever since, forcing patients to have to drive from the other end of the state to Seattle or Tacoma because cities like Spokane would not allow it, if not flat out arrest patients as shown earlier in the day of the intent of the 1999 law. So her law making screwed that up. Again, terrible law making right there. Imagine being the caregiver of someone with cancer from 4 hours away having to travel to Seattle for medical marijuana for their spouse and then having to transport. This is of common sense? My ass

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