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Comment: Medical marijuana’s champion

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Medical marijuana’s champion

Medical marijuana’s champion in the state Senate, Seattle Democrat Jeanne Kohl-Welles, has dropped a push for a statewide registry of marijuana patients.

The idea was to give patients protections from arrest if they signed up with the state. It was supported by law enforcement and Gov. Chris Gregoire. The medical marijuana industry and some of its advocates supported versions of it as part of a broader bill that Gregoire mostly vetoed, but was always wary of patients’ names going on a list that could be accessed by police.

The registry is dropped from a substitute bill that won tentative support in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, in lieu of a version earlier in the special session that kept the registry. It’s unclear how the change might affect Gregoire’s support for the earlier version.

There’s also a change to where dispensaries — which the bill calls cooperatives and would require to be nonprofits — could locate. QUOTE UNQUOTE From THE NEWS TRIBUNE

So she wanted a registry for patients???And this CHAMPION then backs off of the registry to try to suck up to the Queen Gregoire She was willing to throw medical patient's privacy under the bus with the registry she strongly supported???? Then she flip flopped? Yah great law maker. Such a CHAMPION.

And then if you read it close it says the law would determine where dispensaries can operate. Such freedom. Now that is really standing up for patients, and this here is an example of CHAMPION law making and standing up for MJ patients?

No...these are all examples of the control freaks that have embarrassed the entire movement and have screwed it up for fucking 14 years.

The Progressives are not Champions, nor is this lawmaker. No. They need to get the fuck out of the way because they are a god damn embarrassment to freedom and medical patients and states rights.....and human rights.

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