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I really get what your saying, I work in a car dealership and have worked at many shops....what your saying is absolutely true and obvious that it is that way in almost every other field. Although everyone is not like that, there are definitely people that still have morality, but use their are drones of shitty self-concerning sheeple.

Definitely feels like a collapse of morality on a large scale, that's why I hate working for other people and want to work for myself. Starting some on the side but not doing good enough to transition fully yet.

Anyways, I feel like working for yourself will change your whole 'suck it up, you need to 'behave' to get your paycheck or you starve and have no where to live'. Maybe a huge part of the liberty movement could be some type of website that people can go on to offer and trade goods and 'collectivize' voluntarily certain projects, it'd be kinda like an opensource trading market place (maybe have different currencies too?), people can work on it to make it's design better and could potentially escape themselves from the cycle. Then they would be back to more grateful for each other and loving towards each other, looking out for your neighbors or even strangers.

I know people deny what you said about people's disdain, maybe their not around it or aware of it, or maybe that's not them, but I see it everywhere.....though I think it's mostly a product of protected industries and a warped marketplace allowing them to abuse their 'customers'.