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I read that through several times, and literally all you did was insult those you don't agree with, accuse us of child abuse (WTF?!), and declare that there is no authority to decide morality beyond the individual human. All of it cleverly disguised through the use of philosophical language and an allegory.

Congratulations. And I'm sure you'll be endlessly upset when this is down-voted into oblivion, even though you said *nothing.* At all.

Say, if "indoctrinating" children with religion is child abuse, doesn't that mean that "indoctrinating" children with atheism is abuse? What about politics - is "indoctrinating" your child with liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism child abuse?

"Organized religion" - define it. Christianity, for one, actively subverted authority in its earliest stages, with the Roman Empire trying to stamp it out... and failing miserably. Then, again, in the Reformation, Protestants began to subvert the power structure, including the over-grown Catholic Church, eventually leading to the freedom of religion we hold so dearly today.

Sir/madam, you have it exactly backwards. The State takes religion and uses it as an excuse, no matter what it actually says. The State takes many things to use as an excuse. The excuse of the hour is "national security," not religion. The excuse in the "Enlightenment" era was essentially "strengthen the empire."

I should also note that you COMPLETELY ignore adult converts to various religions, which are INCREDIBLY common. Of course, you being an arrogant little condescending snot, you'll just write those off as "stupid people" and say they don't count.

I have no issue with fighting for freedom alongside atheists, or Muslims, or Mormons, or what-have-you. I have issues fighting for freedom alongside ignorant, arrogant, condescending @$$holes like you, so get your crap together.