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Comment: Creation is divine. It's

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Creation is divine. It's

Creation is divine. It's amazing how everything works. The sun shines, the plants grow, the sky poors water for life, the human heart still beats.

Why? All for nothing? A freak accident? It's too amazing to be an accidental occurrence. Why does the cell work? How in the world is it so intricate and complex? There is a design to creation, and we see the patterns in the leaves, the weather, biology, and people.

"Mother Nature," is one thing, but who created nature?

How does LIFE spring from a soup of elemental material?

The two do not mix, the idea seems impossible.

Life is a divine experience. We are souls living in a material existence of illusion. There is no explanation as to why life exists in this physical world. How do so many parts come together out of essentially nothing and just start working together like magic?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.