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Comment: Yeah, that is a terrible

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Yeah, that is a terrible

Yeah, that is a terrible survey. They make statement about the economy without supporting them with facts. You can't call someone unenlightened just because they disagree with you. You have to prove why they are wrong. This paper has absolutely none of that proof. The paper itself discusses that issue when it comes to the caveats, and it does a poor job of addressing it.

For example, they say that if you increase minimum wage laws, it will increase unemployment. In a way, this makes logical sense. Yet in practice, that statement is not true with any kind of confidence. One, because the economy simply adjusts to it (wages go up, costs go up, money supply eventually follows), or, because minimum wage limits are specifically set to avoid those issues. For example, if the US set a minimum wage law of $50, you'd see a lot of unemployment, followed by a recalculation of goods and services in dollars. This would take some time, but eventually, employment levels would stabilize. If the US set a minimum wage increase of $.02, is that going to cause any change in unemployment? Two cents!

Economic statements should ideally be verified with math. But ideally, they should be verified with economic studies and investigations to what happens in the real economy,

When it comes to questions about economics, you should really ask about

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: