Comment: "Any traction they’ve

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"Any traction they’ve

"Any traction they’ve achieved has little to do with these 'ideas'..." What?! I would say all of the traction we've gained has to do with the ideas."

It is the soul and purpose of why i am here, these ideas helped us find eachother, we are here BECAUSE of these ideas, a way of thinking that has persisted in our lives, and then finding out "wait a minute, so im not alone in these thoughts"
They will NEVER take that away, they can try, but then they would show ignorance, and NO UNDERSTANDING of what brings us together, i am angry at their attempt out of malice or ignorance, and at the same time bemused that they dont realise how strong this "movement" is, in our hearts and in our minds

They, to me, are no more, then folks seeking attention, belittling something they dont want, and not realising it is not up to them, this thing has a mind and soul of its own, and like liberty, it will choose its own path

As time goes on, i ignore the naysayers attempt to slander, most of the time, because this is not about them, or us even, its about the natural rights of the individual, that no one shall have more right over translating our NATURAL rights so well, it is about our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of a happy life