Comment: You see when (respectfully)

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You see when (respectfully)

You see when (respectfully) "they" speak like this, its as if they are trying to rally support for their side to counter our own......the one thing i dont mind, is if everysingle one of them came to that decision by themselves without outside interference, in the vain of political ads, or a sense of stupid old guard party servitude, if like us, they are brought together individually, finding eachother out based on their HONEST believes, rather then what a million dollar advertisement or narrated news segment tells them to think, then yeah, i wouldnt mind a debate with folks like that, to either better understand our views and find common ground

But pathetic attempts to rally from the top down, with the moral message of "winning" vs the ground up believers of their cause....i wouldnt want to comment on the unknowing result, but i can reasonably attest to one sides "endurance", a generational one, if you look for it in our histories