Comment: What would these "poor

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What would these "poor

What would these "poor people" do to survive if they didn't have the mining. live on handouts from various charitable organizations?

In the beginning of the industrial revolution people went to work in the factories instead of on the farm because it was a better life for them, it still sucked from todays standards though. Less hours and more disposable income. Why else would they change where they were working, they weren't forced?

There's more to this story than the video tells, why would they "dig thorium out of the ground with their bare hands and deliver it by bare foot to the village 3 days away where they sell it for 1/10 of a cent on the dollar." if they weren't better off doing this than the alternative?

They are not processing the ore, they are delivering it raw. Manual labor cannot compete with machine labor, a machine can do 100 times or more the production that a man can do. There has to be mines that are using machinery that are keeping the price of the raw material down and the ore is probably broken down into separate minerals.

I have to laugh at these desk jockeys that the hardest thing for them to do is pushing Ctrl/Alt/Del all at the same time and then comparing that to what the miners are doing.

BTW- Did anyone find it odd that in a FWD only the rear tires were spinning?