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Comment: Michael - no worries!

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Michael - no worries!

We all go through the "dark forest" from time to time, and I've sort of gotten that sense from you recently, the only reason I was at all hesitant to ask. But then I figured, if not now….maybe some other time?

Although, maybe the time when you don't know what you'd think or say is the most interesting time to get it all out? A sort of liberty therapy session?

Mostly I'd be interested in talking about your "path to liberty" - how you came to arrive at your views, what inspired you to start the Daily Paul, and some of your experiences in the past few years as a a result of all this.

Yes, For Liberty is the only time I can recall seeing or hearing from you at all! (other than these forums).

The offer is open indefinitely, whenever you get out of that forest, or at least start to see a clearing in the trees.

In the meantime, I'll take you up on your offer. I'll work on a piece in the next week or two explaining just exactly how and why we started our site, and why I do my podcast.

Thanks so much, for everything!
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